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The Flat World and Education – Recommended Reading

I am currently reading The Flat World and Educatioon by Linda Darling-Hammond. Actually, I have been currently reading it for some time. I began it in October on the train to and from Minnesota.  I have laid it aside from … Continue reading

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Forty Seven Years Ago Today

Nov. 22, 1963, I had no early classes, so I was poking about my room, getting ready to walk to campus, the other side of downtown. I had the radio on, but was paying no attention. I heard a shriek … Continue reading

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Performance Reviews

This summer, 7-9-2010 to be exact, on NPR, I heard a review of Samuel Culbert’s book Get Rid of the Performance Review. Although Culbert’s book is aimed at the corporate world, I was struck by how many of his points … Continue reading

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Pay to Play

Recently, I went to the John Best High School Orchestra Festival at the Morrison Center on the Boise State University campus. Eleven high school orchestras from around the valley  represented their respective schools. There were 190 young musicians on the … Continue reading

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Teacher Evaluation, contd.

A friend writes concerning the problem of employee evaluation in her field, nursing. But I suspect that evaluation is less of a problem for nurses if only because I imagine that in nursing there is more general agreement on what … Continue reading

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Good Teachers and Bad

I taught for 44 years. The bulk of that experience was in public high schools. I was fortunate that in all that time, I never taught in a truly bad school, such as are depicted in the media as being … Continue reading

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