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Cipher in the Snow

When I saw the mendacious Waiting for Superman, I told myself I had never seen anything quite like it before, a purely political attack, financed by “the billionaire boy’s club,” on teachers and their unions in particular and on American … Continue reading

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Pay to Play, 2

According to The Idaho Statesman, 6/12/2011, Meridian school district students who wish to play sports will have to pay a fee of $100 to be on a team this coming year. Faced with declining funds from the state and from … Continue reading

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Reformists and Reformism

When I began The Peavine Quarter nearly a year ago, I conceived it as platform for my musings on various topics, education and teaching as well as literature, film, and miscellaneous. I would also have a section that would provide … Continue reading

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McLuhan Revisited-revisited

On May 25, I posted McLuhan Revisited, inspired by this link, a lecture by Eli Paliser. A friend, James R. Johnson, forwarded the link to his son, Richard Johnson, who replied to him, and it then came back to … Continue reading

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