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Darrel Deide on Teachers’ Unions

In The Idaho Statesman’s Reader’s View of 10-9-2011, Darrel Deide makes several assertions about teachers’ unions that deserve examination. Is the teachers’ union (IEA)  a monopoly, as Deide says it is? Yes, in the sense that the other large teachers’ … Continue reading

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Ten Best Westerns

In my humble opinion, that is. Number one is always number one. The rest are in no particular order and on another day might fall off the list and be replaced. > > 1. The Searchers 1956 > > 2. … Continue reading

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Parent Involvement

Idaho law now requires that school districts adopt some sort of pay-for-performance plan. At first glance, it seems simple: you pay those who perform, and you do not pay those who don’t. Actually, at this point, it starts to get … Continue reading

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